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Kibkom - The most active English Speaking Expat forum for North Cyprus.

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The Business Directory for people living in or with a connection to North Cyprus. Find investors, car dealers, estate agents, , building contractors, restaurants, hotels and travel agents, amongst others listed.

The Kibkom Kibapp

Is all that you will need in the palm of your hand when travelling to North Cyprus!

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The Forum is a portal where members in North Cyprus or a connection with North Cyprus can interact with each other. Asking questions, selling items, cars, houses etc. Also, used by holiday makers wishing to get information about activities, events, restaurants and places to visit.

Kibtel is a Business Directory for North Cyprus with contact details and maps for you to easily find, when living or visiting North Cyprus.

The Kibkom KibApp is a Mobile App containing all you need to know about North Cyprus in the palm of your hand. Ideal for people living or visiting North Cyprus, with information about places to visit, local news, maps to help get you to towns, site seeing places  or restaurants etc. 

You can download the app to you mobile device from this page:

Yes. You can use the forum, business directory and travel app free of charge. You can have full access to the forum by registering, this is also free. There are only charges for businesses that wish to advertise their services. 

8By becoming a Paid Sponsor and advertising on Kibkom you will have direct access to the forum where you may interact with our 8,000+ registered members, and 10’s of thousands of non registered users. You will also have linked banners to your website where by you will increase the number of hits to your business site by members interested in your services.

We have several packages which should suit your advertising budget. Simply contact us and we will send you information and prices to you. 


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