Kibkom Trading was first set up in April 2010 with the Kibkom Directory (now KibTel), promoting North Cyprus via its business pages.

The Kibkom North Cyprus Forum had been set up, also, in 2010 but was launched in April 2012, it now has over 8,000 registered members and at least 5 times more unregistered users. The forum has achieved 6.5 Million hits in one year and members register at an average rate of 1,000 per year.

The Kibkom KibApp was developed in March 2014, a free Travel App for anyone living or visiting North Cyprus. It has all you need to know about North Cyprus, connecting you to the Kibkom Directory and the Kibkom Forum, amongst all other available information within the app.

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The Kibkom forum is the Number 1 english speaking forum in North Cyprus with over 8 thousand registered members. There are at least five times as many non-registered viewers. We have achieved 6.5 million hits with approximately 1000 new members registering each year.


1) Get more traffic to your website or facebook page – we link your banners to your sites.

2) By being a sponsor ( having a Paid Advert on Kibkom ), your company will have the rights to create threads in appropriate categories. Companies not advertising with Kibkom cannot post on the forum.

3) Interact with your potential clients. By responding to queries by members, will re-activate your thread so that all members can see and click to read any new post.

4) The more members that see your company logo and advert, the more chance they will trust your company and finally make contact.